What is a full-service list company?

Compilation: gathers data on consumers, businesses, executives, professionals, educators, students, government offices, military personnel, subscribers, and association members utilizing thousands of only the most recent and comprehensive sources of information available worldwide. ACT ONE LISTS is also a wholesale representative of every other major list compiler in the industry. We can obtain any compiled list, from any other company, at the guaranteed lowest list industry prices.

Brokerage: has complete access to every response & subscriber list available worldwide. We serve as liaison between our clients and outside list owners or managers, and can obtain any list on our clients behalf for the same exact cost as if our clients called the other companies directly. Our list research associates use state-of-the-art on-line and in-house research systems to locate every commercially available target audience with the highest propensity to purchase.

Management: the exclusive marketer for a client's customer file(s). We can bring your in-house file(s) to the list market and have it become a large profit center for your company; and your job would be only to cash the check at the end of every pay period.

Data Processor & Information Technology Provider: performs the respective computer functions to dedupe, update, clean, enhance, and correct a client's database. ACT ONE LISTS also provides complete customer/prospect profiling and analysis as well as other services listed on the dataservices page

Through what channels can lists be purchased?

A typical purchase involves the customer, who may choose to go through a middleperson (broker, agency, or lettershop), the list compiler or manager (depending on whether a compiled list or a response list is requested), the owner of the response list (if requested), and the fulfillment house that actually produces and ships the list order.

What steps can I take to succeed with direct marketing?

Determine your own customer profile: Who is presently buying your products or service? Once you know this, you can use this web site to find more of the same kinds of people or businesses whose needs you and your company can meet. ACT ONE LISTS' Automated Customer Profiling Service can match your customer or prospect file against our many extensive databases revealing all possible information about who they really are.

Decide what you offer will be: Will you be doing a circulation promotion, seminar, lead generation, e-mail/fax broadcast, or catalog? This focus allows you to pinpoint specific target markets based on the benefits and supporting selling points of your particular product or service.

Estimate your budget and delivery date: Budget should be in the number of collateral you're prepared to send or in dollars per thousand. $400 to $500 per thousand (delivered) is a good rule of thumb for quick estimates. Your list want-by date should allow you enough time to receive your lists at least one week earlier than your send date. Review the listings in the major sections of this web site: Remember, the winning combination is collateral that clearly states the offer, the price, and how to order matched with a great list.

With compiled files, how is the information gathered?

Business-to-Consumer Compilation Methodology:
The very most recent government records, licensing boards, mail and internet buyer information, membership rosters, attendee registers, 4,500 telephone directories, county courthouse records, magazine and newspapers, subscriptions, surveys, questionnaires, financial sources, census and voter registration records.

Business-to-Business Compilation Methodology:
The very most recent government records, licensing boards, municipal directories, telephone and office machine hookups, internet connections and searches, membership rosters, attendee registers, website registrations, DBAs, Incorporations, 6,000 yellow page and white page telephone directories, educational directories, industry and specialty directories, 300 plus religious directories, county courthouse records, Secretary of State data, leading business magazines and newspapers, subscriptions, annual reports, 10Ks and other SEC filings.

How often, and through what methods, are compiled lists updated and cleaned?

Compiled lists are updated monthly or quarterly through original source documentation, postal/subscription/credit changes of address, pander files, suppression files, and telemarketing efforts. The lists are also C.A.S.S., D.S.F., and P.A.V.E. certified to ensure maximum postal discounting and deliverability.

What is the accuracy and deliverability of compiled files?

Compiled data is as accurate as the original sources used to gather it. Current information on consumers, businesses, or executives is merely transposed from the most recent sources and is assumed accurate according to those sources. Because of this, list compilers do not guarantee accuracy of the data or usage results from it.

The industry standard for compiled list deliverability (actual pieces of mail that get delivered to the address sent) is ninety percent.

How quick is the order turnaround time in the list industry?

Average turnaround time to receive, process, fulfill, ship, and deliver a list order is one to five business days.

What formats do lists come in?

Lists can be formatted on peel & stick labels, cheshire labels, index cards, laser sheet lists, magnetic tapes, cartridges, disks, and cd-roms, or sent via e-mail or modem (an explanation of each of these formats can be found on the policies & procedures page.

How often can the lists be used?

Lists can be rented for one time use, two time use, or one-year unlimited use. Some formats automatically require that lists be purchased for one-year unlimited use.

Why can't samples be provided before an order is actually placed?

There are hundreds of separate files stored at an outside order fulfillment center. The fulfillment center would actually have to schedule computer processing time, have a computer operator retrieve the particular file archive tape from the tape library, load the tape onto the computer, program the job requirements based upon the prospect's custom specifications, and produce an order in the exact format requested. Portions of simultaneous produced orders for other clients may be copied and faxed to prospective clients provided that the file and the specifications are the exact same as requested. Due to the number of ACT ONE LISTS files as well as the files being added, deleted, cleaned, and updated continuously, ACT ONE LISTS does not copy and retain portions of files produced to be used as samples.

What does "/M" and "/F" mean in the list industry?

"/M" means "per thousand names" and "/F" means a "flat, one-time", charge.

What is the minimum number of names that can be purchased?

The typical list industry minimum order is 5,000 names.

Can lists be sorted geographically?

Lists can be sorted nationally, regionally, by state, county, province, metropolitan statistical area, local zip/postal code, and carrier route.